Ribbons for printing and paper mills

Mounting tapes for flexographic plates with a system of micro-channels in the adhesive layer, eliminating the effect of air bubbles

We offer specialist tapes for flexographic plates. The plate-side adhesive technology used in them allows for the release of air. This prevents the formation of unsightly bubbles on the tape surface. Among such solutions, the best-seller is Cushion Mount by 3M.

Single and double-sided water-soluble adhesive tapes (closing and opening the roll, splicing)

Single and double-sided water-soluble adhesive tapes should become a must-have for all professionals where materials are recycled. We offer products from 3M - the leader of various types of products, including repulpable tapes.

Tapes for splicing on the go, soluble and insoluble in water

The speed of operation of the devices forces the selection of high-quality products that are able to meet high requirements. The tapes that are in our assortment ensure perfect connection security, which is possible even at high speeds. One of the models is the "flying splice" tapes, which contain a high-performance adhesive that can be used to join light and heavy paper. Their fiber-free construction effectively prevents damage to the print. Additionally, they are easy to use for on-the-go splicing and significantly reduce labor time. They are also available in a water-soluble version.

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