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The offer of the IFB Industry group includes a wide range of 3M products. You can find there professional materials, tapes and industrial adhesives, abrasives and products for printing and paper mills. In addition, our company's offer includes products of our brand: abrasives, construction tapes, double-sided acrylic construction tapes and single-sided tapes, tapes for joining the ribbon and saw blades for saber saws. Our distinguishing feature is the high quality of services, which is why we guarantee professional assistance at every step. Professional advice will allow you to choose a product that will fully meet your expectations. We cordially invite you to take advantage of our offer!

Distribution of 3M industrial products

Distribution of 3M industrial products

Tapes for joining the web

Tapes for joining foil, paper, nonwovens and fabrics | Metal detecting tapes

Double-sided acrylic construction and single-sided tapes

Acrylic tapes of various thicknesses | One-sided specialist (aluminium, metallised, PTFE, UHMW)

Abrasive materials

Cutting and grinding discs | Fiber discs

IFB Poland reciprocating saw blades

Saw blades for metal | wood | metal/wood |

Single and double sided adhesive tape services

Cutting | Scrolling | Lamination | Cutting

Who is the offer addressed to?

The offer of IFB Poland is addressed to the broadly understood industry. The products of IFB Poland and 3M Poland, of which we are the official distributor, supply production and service companies. Examples of markets to which we deliver products:

How can we help you

Each customer can count on quick and professional assistance in choosing the right products. The priority for us is quality, so we often look for solutions tailored to the individual needs of the client.

All the clients we work with trust us. This motivates us to expand our product range, improve our knowledge and quality.

We always keep a fixed stock buffer. We invite customers from all over Poland and other countries to cooperate with us.

Our offer

Our offer includes the entire range of 3M industrial products, these are:
Industrial tapes and adhesives (Single-sided adhesive tapes, VHB tapes, Thin double-sided adhesive tapes, Adhesive films, Acrylic adhesives, Two-component adhesives,
Abrasive materials (Cubitron II fiber discs, Lamellar discs, Cutting and grinding discs , composite brushes , Abrasive nonwovens , endless belts
Supplies for paper mills and printing houses ( Mounting tapes for photopolymer plates , One- and two-sided water-soluble adhesive tapes )
Our brand products include:

Go To The Next Level  of your Company

We are a company for which the priority is the customer, which is why our offer includes only high-quality products. As a distributor of the renowned 3M brand, we are convinced that we can meet the expectations and together find the optimal solution for your business. Our advantage is the willingness and ability to communicate with the client. In addition to communication, the availability of products is also important, we always keep a fixed stock level. We are distinguished by professionalism – our team consists of professionals who are able to answer any questions regarding our offer. We are here for you!



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